What romance says

..Ideas they are coming all in my head, conquering my little brain..

Love is seen in many different forms, as childhood says it is “puppy love” one that is most unforgettable in all stages of love because it includes all of your firsts. Your first kiss, first touch and undoubtedly your first Love. Some people may have been experience it but some people may have not.

Love forms in many ways, regardless of this it is a mystery just like a baby forms into woman’s womb. We don’t know where it is coming or how, we just know it when we can’t explain how did it all come but we cannot deny that we like what we feel when we’re in love. That’s human instinct, because as humans we experience something and we are capable of expressing it such as words, actions and thoughts unlike to other living organisms.

Inspiration or admiration it is also about love. When you say you like the person it means your comfortable when your with him/her, you admire something about that person even the littlest or biggest part of his/her personality.

soul mates, destiny, or a life time partner (they may say) it is depend on what are you gonna stand for.
What is Romantic to you? You are in a place where there is fireworks, wine, roses, chocolates, balloons and everything or just simply you and your partner in a place you can called your own? Sometimes in order to impress someone it hasn’t to be perfect, you just have to bring it all you have, I mean who you really are to understand both sides of this romance thing. Communication is the best way to keep the love on fire. just like this quote:

“Attention says: I value you enough to give you my most precious asset. My Time.”

Being single is not being unloved nor it is finding the right time and place for that one special person of your life.


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