Super stranded

..SEPTEMBER 26, 2009, an unforgettable date to remember not only from my history but for all Filipino’s who experiencing the most crucial state of our country.

It was quarter to 8am when my parents dropped me to Saint Vincent De Paul Church in San Marcelino to attend an educational tour in Toei Company in Eastwood, Quezon City. It was raining, butΒ  I was calm and not that too excited like Melainie (my friend) who also joins the tour, we were happy indeed when we saw each other at the church. She shout when she saw that I was wearing slippers because she didn’t bring a pair one. Rain didn’t stop from falling but still our group insisted that we must go and take the risk.Β Trials didn’t stop us to continue the journey that we’ve start. Floods, cars, garbage (trash), people, they are everywhere! and finally at last “Bagyong Ondoy” didn’t scare us. We made it to Toei and when were there the facilitators were astound by our arrival but we are more amaze. There are lots of posters and pictures of different anime that has been aired through any “kapamilya” or “kapauso” shows. They were happy to meet us, we are very comfortable with them and the moment that our group decided to go home so far our burden doesn’t end there.

We been stranded in Anonas going Legarda for almost 15hrs and we past the night in the bus. My colleagues (classmates) in Nihongo are full of energy and happy to go with. We didn’t stop from laughing and our sensei, Mam Flordeliza Idanan stay with us and never let us down. And we’re happy to say that we’re glad we have a supported teacher like her. Luckily,Β  God didn’t leave us empty. We survive and we saw everything from our way back to Adamson University. It is the worst nightmare I’ve ever seen in my life.

Adamson University is also been damage and some students, teachers, and faculty staffs are stuck in school with nothing to eat nor drink.
What a horrible nightmare we’ve seen.

But what I realized is it is the by-product of nature to humans. Now, Let us learn from these. Let us grow to be mature in order to do our responsibility not only for humans but also for our home. The Earth.

..Please support any organizations or schools that have been conducting relief operations to affected areas. Please do help.

2 Responses to “Super stranded”
  1. Engr. Ronald Allan S. Co says:

    Just a simple phrase that describes Flordeliza Idanan Sensei, “Loving and a very supportive teacher,” ever since the semester I enrolled Nihongo Basic 1 & 2, almost a decade ago in Adamson University.


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