A letter to a Friend

I’m happy that finally I’m in need by her, I don’t know how and when but it doesn’t matter as long as I can be with her and I like this feeling that finally she recognize me.

At first I want to be near with her not that kind of feeling that naturally a lover does because specifically we are both female and this time there’s something with her that few people could understand.

I found her in a room on the fourth floor of our school building. I’m taking a break to talk for I have to run for my breath and then I saw a grasp of her. I don’t know what has gotten into me for the last 15minutes. I just found myself just staring at her. Maybe I was just mesmerize by the way she moves and act, so I just gonna describe her in a way that I’ve seen her that day. Literary I thought she is so deep that I could not reach, a rebel type, she likes metal and rock songs (emo) emotional they say for she adores bands and gigs. That’s just what she is often misunderstood but happy and content. Physically I like her bangs that didn’t swallow her whole face, she’s small, thin and she has a white complexion that tells me about that silver spoon on her mouth.

As I witness her world, she welcomes me to come in inside and I never hesitated. I wish I can be there when she feels like talking, laughing and share her own stories. I want to be there.

The fact that I’m here and she’s with me is the truth that I know nothing except that she’s now my friend. ∞

“SIMPLICITY bounds her character”


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