From the last memory of my hidden notes feed my soul enough to make me taste the eternity.. I’ll go with you until Infinity must face its own end.. -dyneljo

Wandering around on how many fatal times I have to die to make you satisfy of my downfall. As every time you saw me sink I just can’t imagine how Am I going to face this heartfelt I feel for you or how Am I going to hide every single feeling I feel every time you draw me into your fantasies. Hatred? No its not, I know that you will not be satisfied to know what I feel but also you want me to tell what I think of you. What else do you want me to say? Someone told that actions speaks louder than words but how come that you didn’t feel anything about it? Are you that naive or just that stupid enough to made me feel more worried and dense.

Simplify by the way you view life, I know that someday something great will come along on your journey but Am I INCLUDED? You told me everything, every single thing about you, but there still missing and I guess you haven’t realized that every time you grow as a man I grow also like a woman. You filled my mind with thoughts of you, your fantasies and dreams filled mine with such happiness that I can’t compare to anyone in this lifetime. Thus, my heart becomes weaker when it comes to you, I started to feel dense and  imagining something that goes only between me and you.

Do you want me to continue or you still didn’t get what I mean in the first place. This note I leave it with you,  in here all my feelings are written and it is you whom I trust it. You feed my soul with such melancholies dreams of yours enough to make me taste the rest of your eternity with me.  Do you remember at that time we spoken about life? you said: “There’s no such thing as infinity in this lifetime you have to smile like the usual thing you do and enjoy sharing it to the world, …whom are you going to be with anyway?” and I didn’t answer, I keep quiet until we separate our ways. Since then I haven’t seen you but I would like to let you know about my answer. If its you, then yes, I’ll go with you  until Infinity must face its own end. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

From the notes of dynel

jo vel’s works “UNTITLED”


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