he who sits beside me




From that night…

In a distant look I see a vivid view of his face

simplify by the way he moves and from the way he thinks

I know he is just no ordinary man.

Some people believe that he is something to be idolized.

A good speaker, listener and a fair fellow

he is an example of a great image of a leader someday

Others believe that he was just an extraordinary man

yet maybe he may not be that ordinary to others but forme

He’s just what he is, a simple man living the life he

supposed to be.

Not a dictator but a good friend

he’s more like a sunshine

precious and seems like untouchable

humble and very optimistic

practical and matured.

deep down, others seems to view his physical capabilities


they don’t know

anything more..

and As of me?

How could I say anything?

I’m not even a relative,

maybe his friend and

I may know something about him

seeing and just talking to him,

The way he look at me

and when he decided to sit beside me

is the sweetest .

..that night, since then..

It haunts me even in my dreams

from that time being

I saw a different him,

and so I decided.

Simplified by the way he views life

he is something but no other

He is a secret that will last on my memory

He is the guy I had loved.



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