Under the moonlight

I reminisce that night.

You filled me with much wonders about life. With too much imagination, you allow me to travel with you and witness the meaning of having a life.

I met you unexpectedly. You open yourself on me too easily. However, I refused to get closer. Many days have passed and we meet again, this time you’ve still haven’t change. I’ve been alone for a long time but you’ve made me feel like there’s more to life in this world. Everyday that you share your ideas, you filled me with much wanders about life. Since then, I know I’m slowly falling in love with you.

I’m in a prominent society and I have a well-known family. Because of my heritage, people act as if they know me. They don’t know me. No one bothers to know. I’m hiding with my own shadows until you came.

You offer me something that I’ve been craving for a long time. You gave me things in which I cannot give alone. You’ve become my own happiness, my own joy. You accompany me to allow myself to open up to someone and to shine on my own.

I missed the night when we are still together. In a place that we call our own. Under the moonlight, there’s a me and you. The smell of salt water and the rush of waves still linger. You are standing next to me, hand in hand and I’m dazed. Suddenly our shadows join as one. Time moves slowly but after a heart long race, we’ve both smile.

For many years of not forgetting you. I decided not to belong to anyone. Still waiting that the time comes to finally be with you, I reminisce every single part of your memory.  You are gone but you never really leave me alone. You  have stayed in my shadows, in my heart and in my memory. And now I know my time is coming near. I see light coming in… Is that you? Wait, I’m coming  with you! To our new place. Wait for me there.



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