when fate decides


A great writer from his great novel told me that “When your happy, don’t ask why. Just feel it” and then I’m inspired.

Would you believe in such fairy tales and happy ever after? or in fortune tellers telling you that you must do this and that in order to find your destined soul mates? What is the truth behind this magnificent thing they called “LOVE”?

People love because that is LOVE. Countless stories and fables may seem to define what true Love is but I believe everyone, every people deserves each of their own lovestory.

Some may end up happy and some ended up alone but not abandoned.

Loving is not a command or a thing you can dictate. A love is something beyond words can express of; Love can turn a beast into a harmless *tamed creature and an innocent driven by his/her own wilderness. Love? You may not seem it coming but you can sense its weird aura. In Psychology it says that Love has 7 (seven types) (yes SEVEN) namely:

  1. Liking (having only intimacy without any commitment or passion)
  2. Infatuation (passion without intimacy or commitment)
  3. Empty Love (commitment but without intimacy/passion ex. arrange marriages)
  4. Romantic Love (intimacy and passion, both liking and physical desires)
  5. Compassionate Love (commitment with intimacy)
  6. Fatuous Love (lacks of intimacy but with passion and commitment)
  7. Consummate Love(combines the 3 Elements, passion intimacy and commitment)

Love alone can bring you so much happiness that even though your alone you can able to view life as a miracle and breathing as a gift.

What if your walking around the streets full of people

different faces

different personalities


then at that very moment

you saw something that which among those people

it seems that person is connected to you?


What if a long time friend with a weak heart? a classmate? or officemate? or a mortal enemy? what if?


you’ll never know.


stop saying those WHAT IF’S and try to let fate decides,

at the long run fate will let you choose.

at the END it is YOU who will decide

just learn to listen,

love is everywhere and happiness is just deep inside you

you just have to dig it deeper in you heart.

just LOVE




2 Responses to “when fate decides”
  1. Vornaroks says:

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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  2. jorain says:

    ..thank you so much. 🙂 anyway your the first person who commented into my blog and I feel so great! my friends are saying the same thing but they’re not posing it here. Thank you for the compliments 🙂

    dynel’jo, Manila Philippines


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