smile honey! :)

so much can be said

so much feelings conveyed

with three little words



In reality, how much happier it is to be forgotten by many but remembered by that one person that can change every little part of you in a single blink of an eye and it is late to realized that you too can feel the changes that bothers you around. Simply as can be but that is reality that only few people can be seen. Truth lies beyond on what it is expected to be. In a game of Denial it is better to keep shut down than to spoke things you didn’t mean to. πŸ™‚

I felt some kind of a “wasted” unexplainable feeling that I ever feel. When your life is getting on its deepest downfall I won’t forget what mother taught me “Love is in a round of corners enjoy life as long as you can still feel it.” Understanding is deeper than listening.



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