My year 2010

January 13, 2014

According to the Population Reference Bureau’s “2010 World Population Data Sheet” (28-Jul-2010) 4.45 people are born every second worldwide, on the average, and 1.8 people die every second. Another way to look at it is: Per minute: 267 born, 108 die. Per day: 384 thousand born, 156 thousand die. Per year: 140.4 million born, 56.7 million die. To cut this short, people die in order for many more people to live. It is a way of living, to be born and to die. Twenty three years of existence. I may say I’m inexperienced when it comes with life. I’m a great pain in the ass to my parents and to those who knows me. I’m young and still under discovery of what lies ahead of me but there are moments where I can say it is very memorable and unforgettable. As I close my eyes and reminisce my past I see visions of pure joy, laughter, happiness, surprises, madness, pain, sorrow, misery and many more I can think of.  As emotions flow my mind, heart and soul. I’ve been hit by a car not once, not twice but as far as I remember for about three to four times, got sick wherein I thought I was about to die. I’ve been test spiritually, emotionally and physically and yes there are chapters in our lives that should be closed off so we can move on but no matter what we do, people haven’t yet invented a machine wherein it can erase selective memories. Those memories will linger and sometimes haunts you to the very core of your soul. In five months and twenty four days I’ll gain another year. Despite of this, what have I learned? And what is this particular moment in my life which I considered as my utterly and most unforgettable ever.

If someone’s gonna asked me about my 2010 year-end happenings I’ll simply answer him this

In that year, our family was tested

In that year, I was tested

In that year, my Faith was tested

Since this happened three years ago at exactly this time of the year I recall everything about what happen at that time. I still can’t forget  about everything even the smallest details of my life in that January of the year 2010.

My mom and I argue because I was an ass. I think it is my fifth time saying to my parents that I want to quit engineering and we end up not talking until I’ve made peace with her before the countdown of January 1, 2010. As day progresses I was determined to finish the semester I’m currently enrolled at but decided not to enroll anymore on the next as an engineering student. Things around me begun to change and when that day came; it almost took the life out of my ever dearest mother.

January 12, my sister went home by 12 noon because her classes were over until she saw our father and many people from our neighborhood panicking in front of our house. She texted me and my ate (older sister) that our mother collapsed and stuck there alone in our house until our good neighbor shout for rescue.  Mom was confined for three days at Dr. Aquino’s Clinic. January 14, my parents’ 27th year anniversary it was not celebrated because mom was transferred to South Super High Way Hospital to undergo a CT scan. I was there during the transfer and I remember my mom is not like my mom. She keeps on mumbling and she doesn’t want to get into the ambulance. A trainee nurse, same university as mine, helps me carry my mom inside the ambulance. After the process she was then returned to the clinic. In that moment being inside the ambulance, I thought there was a leaked or something because a drop of water fell on my hands and I notice that it wasn’t anything but my damn tears. I can’t stop it from falling. January 15, the result of the CT scan was delivered to the clinic and Dr. Aquino told us that my mom has to be transferred to San Juan de Dios due to limited supplies and equipment that the clinic will provide. Mom was transferred to San Juan de Dios Hospital that night and she was immediately entered the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). January 16, three doctors came and told us that mom has a clogged nerve located on her nape resulting to the stagnation of blood and water thus giving her headaches. One of the doctors said that she has to undergo an operation for merely 48 hours if not my mom will be stroked. As they finished talking I saw my father signed the papers that the doctors gave, it is said that they, the doctors and the hospital is not reliable for anything that will happen to my mom in the said operation. I heard my father said Lahat po gawin niyo, mabuhay lang.

I remember myself going to three different churches in one day thinking that there will be a miracle.

We argue a lot, I made her cry and angry too but at that time I swallow my pride. I bow down my head and kneel to all the churches I see. I keep talking to him why is it had to be us? We didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect this. Mama has been good, she never hurt anyone for any reason, and she helps a lot in the community and in the as well. But one thing made me think, Oh! She raised me.

I’m not perfect and sometimes I tell lies about something to someone, sometimes I think I’ve done the 7 deadly sins over and over again. I’m proud-selfish-self-centered dumbass. I always say bad words for me not to feel uneasy to everything that is happening to me at school, home and at work. I know my flaws and all but still I prayed to him. Giving it a shot, maybe he’ll hear me out. He’s listening, I’m certain. Oh God! Please hear me.

8am of Sunday, January 17 my mom is in the operating room with nurses and six doctors. As to get my thoughts away and believe that everything is going to be alright. I remember my high school yearbook, I was asked about my ambition and I’m confused at that time on what I want in the future so instead I wrote “to experience a miracle” and after 7 hours of waiting and praying the operation was successful. She’ll recover and I almost kissed the floor with too much happiness. I told myself that this is enough for an experience.

God is so good that he made me realize what my mom keeps on telling me. I must not have anything in this world but faith alone and that faith gives me the courage to believe in miracles, to believe that there is only one God Almighty that sees me and never turn his back on. He never leaves me empty. From that time I know I’m no longer afraid whatever the outcomes maybe because I believe in my faith. January 27, 2010 another miracle happen when the hospital approved that my mom can now go home. Although the pain and wounds she’s carrying will be long forgotten. She became moody, dependable and demanding but none of these I complain. I don’t blame no one for what happen to us and for the rest of my days I won’t regret everything that has happen to me. For the lesson learned and for witnessing all the ass-kicking-moments of miracles. Because of what happened I became a better version of me. The unforgettable moment of my life, January of 200 teach me the greatest life treasure of all. It is the value of a family.


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