the traveler

I had a vision last week that I as a young girl never thought that someday I can be an extraordinary superficial unpredictable woman of the future.

My story starts as a fantasy.

I’ve been to places;

I’ve seen a few landmarks of the greatest cities and I gain wisdom from the philosophers I’d talk to.

I imagine myself hanging from a tree, falling for a hill, crushed by a car and stabbed by a thief. I nearly experienced DEATH.

Sometimes I feel like flying, swimming in the very deep depths of water, and running like forever.

I’ve seen the monarchies in England, France, and Spain

I’ve walked through the Great Wall of China

I’ve been able to make a snowman in Mt. Fuji in Japan

I’ve been in the desert of Sahara

I’ve seen the greatest conquerors, I taste the sweetest and the tastiest foods, I’d wear the most precious and priceless dresses, I’m poor and I’m rich and I dance, I sing, I act, I walk into the heavens

I’ve seen witches, genies, fairies, and miracles.

but little did I know that I’ am in my most comfort zone wherein all of these are just mere facts and truths of the books I’d read they’d let me travel along with them. I’m reading but not my own story to read about.

Cleaning up the mess I’ve done in my life,

the dirt and the shame

the happiness and the triumphs

the loneliness and the forgiveness

the friends I’ve met and the enemies I made

the love I’d felt but lost and the love I’d treasured and return

my everyday prayers and my every humors

I want to read my very own book someday, I want to remember all the details of my life, the lessons and the faces of the people who touched and inspire my soul, my favorites and my history as a seeker.

I want to know how was I as a friend, classmate, student, neighbor, best friend, sister, a daughter and a stranger.

How did I make my life worthy and did I really inspire others? I want to know but that could be done if I done here, if I succeeded my mission on earth. How was I? What is the me inside this hollow ground of earth.Will I ever learn anything? or did I learn nothing?

but as of today, at this moment that I’m writing, I know that someday my vision will be complete. I’ll be complete and I’ll be better.

The works the magnificent people, they’ve all have lost and gain at the same time. They who gave their service in this world. They we’re not only just found in books but happens in real life. They we’re once alive and now dead others are remembered on books and other resources and the many others were forgotten.

In a world of fantasies not all story ends up happy. It is a matter of choice and I chose to be free, travel along the wind wherever it goes. A dream where I can call it as my own, a daydream. unwind. travel.


Sweet miracles of life

a husband and a wife

between darkness and light

stars formed and the moon is might

under the same moonlight

dancing in the moon’s full bright

the sweet miracles of life




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