he says; she says

“First I saw you, you look back at me, and then we both smile” 🙂

“You’re walking too fast that I can’t reach you. When you step back how I wish to turn your side on me, to meet your gaze and recognizing my existence is what I ought you to view me as a man and not just a shadow. I’m with you since the moment I met you. Since then your somewhat not just a classmate but a friend. A very special Friend. I follow you without knowing that I’m deeply developing certain feelings that for once so new to me I cannot explain but I know I need to see you, I must see you. Today, tomorrow and every day of my life. I know that when in time and you would have the chance to know all of these I know you’ll get embarrassed of me, slowly you’ll develop a feeling of getting away from me and the time that I’m afraid that you will surely forgot about me. I don’t know at first why I’m so concern about the way you’re going to react from the every word in this letter but something just occurs in me. The reason why I’m still holds on to until now. I just want to break the wall between us. Do you remember that time when you rejected that poor guy? You’ve just given me an idea to propose. Yes an idea in which until now I can’t say to you for I ‘am a coward but this time I know it for sure, I’m deeply passionately indeed in love with you.”

 “I got what I want but not what I need.

Every-time I step back I just can’t look back, I’m stoned.

Every step I make from the movements when I go walk on streets my head is always looking below. I’m moving forward but I cannot see who’s standing in front of me and the moment that I think my conscience is telling me to at least gaze at my back I see nothing, I’m looking but not hard enough to notice that between those shadows of my past there is someone who walks with me all through my life. I was inconsiderate of the things that people have done to me; I’m selfish, childish and spoiled. I may look like the strongest tigress in the jungle but inside of me is just a mere cat hiding from my own world and from reality. I’m strong but weak and I’m stubborn but not stupid. I seen you smile, I laugh at your silence but I cry on your breakdown. I become your companion although you knew who I am. You became my friend and I guess you don’t want to go further than that so I keep quiet about these butterflies on my stomach. The moment I said no to that guy how I wish it was you so I could say “Yes” instead of a “No”. I realize I was a late bloomer then and for the first time I feel more like a girl ever-since I found out that I had fallen in love with you.

“First I saw you, you look back at me, and then we both smile” 🙂


..”how will it reach you?”


..”please fall in love with me”


from the letters of dynel 🙂
work of jo vel.
(to be continued)

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