Cycle (Third Story)

A Letter of Clarity to Dynel

An excerpt of Jo Vel’s novel – (Unnamed)


     “In a glimpse you become my friend, In seconds I stole your sight, In minutes you stole my breath, in an hour we touch hands and slowly as clock ticks, music rhymes out of sync. We created such memories of happy days though there are moments of remembering what pain is like when your not around and then those moments that I shut my eyes and I see images of you and me so vivid and wonderful. I get the feeling of being love  as slowly passing away like flowers bloom only to become dust, like how I felt when I whisper to the wind how much I need you to come back.

Is this what it is all about?

After the glancing, staring, greetings, stories, smiles, laughs, tears, pain, then hugs maybe? smiles again, laughs, lie lows, broken hearts, ignoring? then back to being strangers.

is this a cycle? Well I guess it is , the moment you turned 12 you cannot be twelve again, the moment you sharpened your pencils it cannot grow back to its original form.

Becoming a human, you became a child, then a teenager, then an adult and old.

But when you met a stranger, maybe she nor he would become your friend, sharing stories and stuffs, talking endlessly, shopping, hopping, almost 24 hours being together, in making friends there is not always happiness, there will come a time that misunderstanding occurs and problems unresolved, back to basics, no more sharing stories, no more endless talk, no more a “buddy” then back on becoming strangers.

People may not notice it but its a cycle. Old people say your lucky when you reached their age and there is a single friend who is still hanging around with you. Maybe a wife or a grandchild because its lonely being ALONE getting Old.

As life progresses, our cycle remains the same.

Notice that drainpipe jeans was used by Elvis Presley on the 1950’s, drainpipe jeans or usually people know it as “Slim Fit” “Skinny Jeans” was originated in 1790’s it is a major trend when rockstars wear it on the 90’s until today and as time goes by, not only life does it own cycle but also Fashion and now in 2008 drainpipe jeans made its debut as a “Skinny Jeans” all over the world and make it a trend once again.

Fashion re-cycles, it evolves, it changes but still returning to its nature. It is still “FASHION”.

Human life isn’t but attitude and relationships are cycles.

We love, we hate.

We value, we waste.

We laugh, we cry.

We’re lost but we able to comeback.

trends in the past always make its own way to still trend in the present. And sour relationships always make its own way to sweeten.

as for us my old friend dynel, we love each other before and hate now but I believe as the cycle goes we will come back just like before.

When one of us got hurt, we cry at the same time

When one of us are happy, we laugh at the same time

but for now..

We love the same man,

He cannot choose the both of us.

so I know that he chooses you.

I won’t ignore you

I just can’t face you..

at that time I’m not yet ready to accept what answer he will say,

but I think I know what it is now..

I’m a liar if I said I’m not jealous..

I’m your best friend but let me heal on my own wounds so that when I see the both of you I can be the person who is still rightful of being your friend.

Every relationship takes time to think things over, and I need you to give that time on me. I need to fight my own battle.

 I know its not going get lonely for when I return I have a best friend who will gave me the sweetest hug of all.

and I do not promise to forget him that easily but please gave me time.

that moment when you appear from the window where I sat at the classroom and you gave me that cutest look I’ve ever seen in my life..

You’ve gave me a best friend I could ever have.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

to be continued

jo vel’s works

Thank You for reading 🙂

-letters of dynel and letters of clarity are all made by the author Jo Vel, these are all fictional. Ownership of the stories are property of the Author and it is all protected by The Copyrights Law. Under the Republic of The Philippines.



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