I’ am a blogger and I miss dancing

I know what’s the connection between blooging to my hobby as Dancing? 

There’s no relation between the two of them and obviously their spelling is really different but for me the thing is, 


I f I choose between those two, relatively speaking I would choose both but I cannot think about my next article would be when I dance and for the love of humans I cannot write while dancing.

I’ am a writer (and I believe myself sooooo much about being one) 

I’ am a dancer (not that pro but I can say I’ m good)

and I love love love what I do..

anyway the thing is, 

I just wake up one early morning only to find myself in a shell that full of crack and I image myself as a fish that needed to be sell out on the market! 

in other words I need to raise my value.

I need to go out there and unwind myself. Blogging is my number one hubby and writing is my life but adventure is what I love. 

soo, let’s see what this summer awaits me. 🙂

oh I just remember I can’t think of how will my “Kwentong Jeepney” continues. Any Ideas? post it here! super APPRECIATE IT!!! 😀 

God bless!!! 😀



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