Say no to BULLYING!

Here’s the catch of last night’s kapuso mo Jessica Soho episode of BULLYING.

I, myself was bullied before at around third year of my high school year it lasted for almost 6months. But the thing is, she didn’t verbally abuse me instead she attack me emotionally. I really don’t know how the hell did it start or what did I do for her to have a grudge on me like that. I remember perfectly myself as a modest student I ever could be and politely ever to everyone in my school so I’m close to my teachers and to the lower and higher years as well.

She used to call me “kaaappaall” or whenever I’m talking with someone she will immediately grab his/her away from me. I used to ask myself why my Classmates permits her to do that, I mean, there will be an actual day I’m a total outcast! That is why I have grown to be this close to the boys. Anyway I am not the first and last person she had a fight with. Everyone in the class esp.the girls becomes her enemy.

So how did it end? Well, I would be a hypocrite if I say it didn’t affect me but I have a strong faith and I fight my OWN battles. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I didn’t conform it first to my family. I talk to Mam Eugenia Gatpayat our principal back then and confess all her doings to me. No one supported me back then NO MATTER HOW MANY MY FRIENDS ARE. And lately of course I could not hide it anymore esp.with my mom. I told her everything and like a battlefield soldier mom, she take actions.

During our retreat, in Notre Dam Novaliches, we are divided to form a group and coincidentally she’s in my circle, I asked my group leader to have a one on one talk with her and so she did.

We have the time of our life. In front of God she confess to me finally what’s going on on her, why madness taken her and why me. It made me think that I did the right thing not to make “Patol” (react). I did the right thing to openly talk to her. Eventually she says sorry and for all the shame and hurt I honestly forgive her but it does not mean that we are friends.

I forgive her, but she is someone I already put on my past. And that incident made me realize who really is to trust.

Say no to bullying. I am not that strong nor weak but I played my game in favor of my plan. What if those kids out there are afraid to speak of, afraid to fight their own battles and discourage by the fact that no one’s really listen?

Based on personal experience, those who have their ugly mouth to talk, let them speak out lies, let them. And if you have a chance to speak, speak out of flowery calm breeze despite of madness.

Lastly, my super advice…

It’s all about SELF CONTROL!!

(an honest confession, haha I’ve killed her many times in my head hahaha)

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