Influence of Mass Media (For Communication Media Subject)

“Mass Media is a means of public communication reaching a large audience.”

—    Thesaurus and Encyclopedia

Since the start of Mass Media in 15th century, it is widely the number one source of news, entertainment and communication. During the early years, technology was not that modern enough to use with such varieties like cell-phones, computers and stuffs like most people have nowadays. The first act of showing mass media is by using paper and ink. Early books and notes were all handwritten and many young and old writers surface such as Victor Hugo, William Shakespeare, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Hans Christian Andersen, Jane Austen and many more. With their recreational works and wonderful stories such as fairy tales, playwrights, dramatic scenes, and heart breaking stories.

They tackles the problem about society, social cultural differences between a man and a woman, political views and many more. Writers and authors of their time made it clear that in order to publish their works they must have power or a connection to someone who has it.

In order to write something you must have the inspiration to do it, others find their inspiration by travelling while others seemed off to close their doors and lock themselves in a room. Based on my own perception and choice of preference they are the first influential people that made the mass react. They’ve used print as a portal to reach the people and inform them about what is really happening. And it resulted to be a success. They have gained a larger audience.

During the forthcoming generations technologies surfaces like a rapid current and in a flash people are becoming aware of their surroundings. People made it easier to communicate as time goes by. First comes print, then radio, next is television. Technology was remediated to computers, cellphones and tablets. With the use of internet (for e.g google, facebook, twitter, skype, and many more) people were becoming aware of what is happening to the world.

Mass media is giving the mass instant or free access of everything. They use these portals for the leisure of being in control or in power to know things that are limited to access during the old times. But despite these influences in the human history, what could be the disadvantages of this so-called free world of mass media?

Cartoons are good for children, watching television gets their attention but not all cartoons were educational. For example, the Tom and Jerry show is all about a cat which is Tom who always chasing Jerry, a mouse. Seems harmless but there are scenes or episodes that I find it disturbing and violent for younger children to watch. However, despite this observation why is it still runs on some channels on cable?

Actions and cool superheroes aren’t that bad for young citizens of the community unless…

According to a research conducted by Justin F. Martin entitled Children’s attitudes toward superheroes as a potential indicator of their moral understanding he states that: “Regardless of the culture or the environment in which children develop, key aspects of their development include their curiosity and imagination. By imitating adults and talking to strangers, children demonstrate their fascination with things that are beyond their realm of possibilities. As the popularity of superheroes increased, so did the various media forms through which the lives and adventures of superheroes disseminated.”

And because of this, it is found that if young children fantasized and imitate the lives of their favorite heroes, what about those who fancies their superhero’s arch nemesis?

The following is featured on news by local network such as The GMA Network, ABS-CBN and Aksyon TV 5. It is also featured by international news such as CNN, Reuters, FOX News Channel and everywhere in the globe.

First an American who shock the world, James Holmes, 24 years old is accused of shooting 12 people dead. 58 people were wounded as moviegoers packed the midnight screening of the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises 2012.

Source: Colorado Theater Shooting

Also an American who made the world feel devastated, Adam Lanza, 20 years old open fire in a school called Sandy Hook Elementary. Almost 30 people were killed including the students [below 6-7 years old], the Principal, the school Psychologist and himself.

Source: Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

Lastly, the latest gun-shoot that happened last January 19, 2013 [UST], the fifteen year old Nehemiah Griego was arrested and now facing murder. He killed five people which are his mother, father and three siblings.

Source: New Mexico Shooting

This is one of the reason that mass media influences people. Mass media cannot control what people watch or heard on the television, radio and other portals that make them accessible which in fact that should be a limit for their age.

People in different ages and gender find easy access on things that at the first place it should be advised by a more adult person of their community.

Mass media is indeed between in the valley of wisdom with a pleasurable threat.

Mass media without proper guidance is a threat. I remember when I was 6 or 7 years old. I slapped my father’s cheek to recreate a scene on a television drama that me and my mom watched the night before. Back then, I don’t know that it was wrong. My dad did not hit me but he did explained to me dearly that it’s bad.

Featured Photo owned by: Cassandra Yanogacio Sociology 150 Ballard Fall 2011 H013,

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