The Freedom of Information Bill (For Communication Media Subject)

Freedom is a tool that gives people their rights to choose. Whether it is bad or right, they are reliable for their actions. Information is a way of learning and may acquired knowledge; though wisdom is differ from what knowledge is, and based from my own perception an average people can easily believe facts than truths.

Well the bottom line is this Freedom of Information Bill has given me the creeps. And yet undecided whether in favor or not, I’m just going to state the facts to help me decide, which is better and which is not. And so it all begun last year 2012 when former Chief Justice Renato Corona was exiled from his position and President Noynoy Aquino promise the country that he will promulgate the said bill to formally became a law as a way of objectifying his Anti-Corruption movement.

Months passed and through this many stories and editorial columns were publish, many rallies occur; many people voiced out as The Cyber-crime Bill erupt and forgot the Freedom of Information Bill. But as of now, after everything that this bill has been put through protest, at the end of the day the leader of this country is the one who will decide for the betterment of his people and not the people itself. If not, why did the people elect a leader if they won’t obey him?

In an article entitled Opinion by Philippine Daily Inquirer, a man named Murray Horton posted his insights and personal opinion thru virtual web; Posted on October 5, 2012, Friday.

He states that:

The FOI bill must be passed if the Aquino administration is serious about taking the righteous path. Allowing citizens to access information about their elected public officials is crucial in ensuring accountability and promoting good governance.”

Also, he said that:

In New Zealand, the Official Information Act has been in place for 30 years now.”

Though I’m not in favor of some political people, yes, this Freedom of Information Bill gives people an unlimited access to one’s political wealth and wages but the creepy thing about this is that people won’t have their privacy. The media will always and always be bugging their actions every now and then whether they will give them information of their assets and liabilities and it will not end from there. The people [not only the media] will always ask undying questions and make it to the point that they may reach some personal affairs too.

Yes, the people may have the power to know everything but will they understand that there is a limit from everything. There are things that people should or shouldn’t know. There are things that called under the name of “Privacy”. And for me, its best explains why this bill gives me the creeps.

So, right now I’m thinking all the possibilities, the disadvantages and advantages of this FOI bill. And after a long deliberation with myself I found out that:

  1. There are things that are limited to our knowledge although the people have the rights to know where their taxes did go off;
  2. That Freedom is not a tool to use for foolish acts because people believe that there were no such things as boundaries, and that is bad. People is entitled to have their own privacy and me-time;
  3. That people may know but never really understand which results that indeed knowledge is different from wisdom;
  4. Lastly that having power is not for a decade, centuries or for an eternity. That everything has its own end and even freedom cannot penetrate this.

Therefore, as a young tax payer and Filipino; I say, that I am indeed, not against to this bill and in favor to pass this as a law. Let it be known where did the hell our taxes went off, let it be known where in the world happened to the allotted budgets on certain government projects that had gone by and will come by, let it be known their annual or even yearly income, let it be known what the hell did they do in order to promote good health and wealth to their corresponding jurisdiction while in remote areas many children were suffering from mal-nutrition and poverty and lastly let it be known that in God’s name they were not lying the whole time.

Being a government official of our country, they must know that once they’ve entered politics there were a big arising of critics and their privacy wouldn’t be the same as before. So, as an official they must have the heart and the courage to accept this criticism because if not they are not reliable to be our leader. They must start the truth within themselves and their starving conscience is their ruin in the end.

If they had the truth what or who would they fear? If this is the “Tuwid na daan” Campaign of President Aquino, honest people are not afraid showing their assets for what they know is the truth. I just hope that when this bill became a law, the public officials, the media and the people should earn each other the value of Respect.

And may God bless our country. Thank you.


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