The GMA Network 7 Exposure Tour


GMA Network 7 is one of the prominent and leading broadcasting networks in the Philippines. It is widely known for its accurate and vastly influential power regarding on mass media may it be for entertainment and in current events.  Aside from one of the leading broadcasting company, the network also conducted tours and visitation on its studios and entertainment shows. The network allow visitors may it be local or from abroad to watch their shows and enjoy particularly for entertainment. The network also allows schools to conduct tours for their students, particularly, Mass Communication students or anything related to Media to visit radio booths, studios and shows.

An Exposure is a way of conducting such field trips or tours for Academic purposes. Accompany to this the said exposure is a way of relating oneself to future work and to have an idea on what is the difference of what you see on television and what happens in an actual studio.

Being the President of the class and organizer of the said exposure, I must admit that organizing this event brings a lot of tension, stress and disappointments. But despite of that we [me and Vice President Kevin Joshua Rebultan] made this exposure as successful as ever it could be.

A brief background:

This Exposure has been rejected once; it is scheduled first on January 31, 2013 (Thursday). Due to misunderstandings and miscommunications the tour is reset on next Thursday of the said date. Ms. Tina Gallardo of GMA Tours has given us full understanding and approve our exposure to be re-scheduled.

By her kind heart my spirit lifts up. So, again I process the letters and sometimes I was accompanied by Kevin. Wednesday of February 6, 2013 again I was pierced by pain. The VPAA – Vice President of Academic Affairs didn’t approve our tour to be conducted on February 7, 2013 (Thursday)

But by the help of Sir Marki and Ma’am Jeanie of Mass Communication Department, by 3:30pm the said event was approved.

So I’m inviting you [whoever it is who may be reading this] to follow our mini adventure.

February 07, 2013.


“I have to be in time tomorrow. I have to wait for my classmates from 10:00am to 11:45am to pass our waivers, because, if not we may not be able to proceed with our Exposure.”


“Get up sleepy head! First to arrive is Angel Tenito followed by yours truly. The early birds stolen shot! From right to left: Vhustee, Gel, Sherry, Allison, Judy, Angel, Joana, Emman, Von and Kevin.

Photographed by: Jovel

The GMA Network 7 Exposure Trip

Choo – choo Train! :

“Train ride, from Adamson University to LRT – EDSA Station to MRT – GMA-Kamuning. The fun starts from here.” From left to right: Joana, Lyn, Angel, and Gel

Photographed by: Jovel



The hopefuls of….

wait, what?! : “Starstruck audition hopefuls! Joke!”

 Class of Intro. To comm. Media stolen shot

 Photographed by: Jovel

The GMA Network 7 Exposure Trip

Walang Tulugan!:

“Spotted: Kuya Germs on DZBB.”

Photographed by: Jovel

The GMA Network 7 Exposure Trip


•     Photo Courtesy of Jovel

The GMA Netwrok 7 Exposure Tour

Party Pilipinas Studio

The GMA Network 7 Exposure Trip

Chef Boy Logro – Cooking Show Studio

The GMA Network 7 Exposure Tour

Class of Intro. to comm media with Mr. Chino Gaston [reporter-news anchor, black jacket whit shirt,middle]

The GMA Netwrok 7 Exposure Tour

with Mr. Chino Gaston [reporter, news-anchor, middle wearing black jacket and white shirt]




4 Responses to “The GMA Network 7 Exposure Tour”
  1. Pol says:

    nakakamiss din hahaha.. 🙂


  2. patbojador says:

    Hello! I am the Editor-in-Chief of our school publication. May I ask a question? Who shall I contact if I would also like to have a media exposure for my org in GMA? Hoping to hear your reply! Please do email me 🙂


    • the jovelist says:

      Hello! I’m truly sorry for responding late on your query. I don’t know if my contact is still in there but I could check tomorrow my old email. I will gladly forward any information to you. 🙂


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