Phantasm of Actuality – The story of keeping awake (For Journalism Subject)

September 12 – So here I am looking blankly ahead I don’t know what has gotten over me but I hate waking up early after a deadly, overtime meeting last night. Seating beside me is my classmate and friend Cheys. She and I went early for this 7:00 am call time but we ended up seating here at the ST Quadrangle waiting for the theater to open.

Not having enough sleep I put my alarm off and went to the comfort of my pillow. I really don’t want to go but I have to, since tomorrow (Sept.13) is Tatak Adamson 2013 I am in charge of the production team. I may not be able to attend the second day of the congress so I decided to attend now.

As I gather my wits, I have to be at school by 7. I need to write this reflection paper and of course who would not want a 5 point plus grade on midterms with Prof. Derillo? So against my will, here I go. And the story goes back to where it will start.

Day 1: The first Adamson Media Congress

I have this effin’ headache that I have to endure all throughout my day. “Hello” my first word to these beautiful people in front of me. I saw Kevin, Bianca, Kharlene, Ava, Gel, Calvin and Sherry. We start to line up as the theater opens at mid-9 in the morning. Okay here goes my excitement.

Talk, talk, talk, blah, blah, blah… I feel sleepy already. Oh God I feel like my body is beginning to betray me. Until I heard a voice, it was unfamiliar. I wear my eyeglasses and glance up. Oh my dear… Well, hello there Ms. Cheche Lazaro. I forgot I have a headache. I forgot anything and everything else. I’ve only focused my attention to this lovely young lady whom she says she was about our age too. Her voice is soothing but not boring. And as I listen to her I know that being here in this moment is a privileged of a lifetime. That being here I can consider myself as a lucky fellow.

“27 years before no one knows probe, we want to start a genre that is not popular and that is investigative journalism”

–       Ms. Cheche Lazaro

There are other speakers who attended the congress and also given the privileged to talk on-stage.

Mr. Jade Castro talks about Independent films and how they were outcast by local and Hollywood films, Ms. Xerxes Guia who despite of many heartbreaks and down pits she struggle to maintain a steady feet to rise above the obstacles she’s facing and Mr. Ramon Osorio who talks about how to be a professional communicator. He also presented a powerpoint presentation about marketing strategies, tv ratings and the power of corporate communications as multi-communications services operates.

“A future without television is a future without primetime”

–       Mr. Ramon Osorio

But despite all of this, I really am amazed by the power of a great speaker by-far with Ms. Lazaro. Ms. Lazaro talks about how time and space changed. She said: “internet is a highway that has dangers lurking on the side”. She also said that we have no longer had a timeslot and space. Before television and radio where the main sources of news but as time progress, technology is marging on and I am not on it Ms. Lazaro added.

She also added in her talk the number of internet users in Asia alone and how younger people where starting to have internet usage. Television is also losing viewers, readers begun to abandon physical newspapers and dangers like pornography and identity theft are arising. She ended her speech by saying that: “Village represents a community and we are a community, don’t just use facebook for fun. Have Moral Responsibility because we are Filipinos”.

And that’s it. My spirit went back to return my sanity. Why did I attend this congress again? Now I know. It was God’s will. He made me come to this. Because I have to witness this, I have to heard her, and this is not just about this paper anymore, this is not just about the 5 point plus grades in the midterms, this is for me and for everyone inside in that theater. This is for us. And it was a silent prayer. Thank you for keeping me awake.


Thank you Communication Department and AUMACOMMS! God bless.

– Jovel


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