20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever

What is our definition of  a best friend anyway? Is it someone you can go to when you’re in trouble? Having a hard time partying? Or simply just someone. A somebody who beyond the meaning of romance is loving you with utmost interest and unconditional. Well, Just  a piece of advice from this old woman 🙂

Twenty Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever

1. First is, well, a best friend is with you throughout all your adventures, mischief and ass-kicking moments! Pranks, detentions, guidance counselor meetings, shopping, tea buddy, and even in your most deepest downfall moment. It is unlike those people who just entered in your life briefly. Best friends always follows each other.

2. Despite having personal issues, a best friend can make you smile and advice you in most weird conversation ever. They’ll try to light the conversation or make you feel somewhat better, in the most real way they know sometimes making them seem lunatic and in the end instead of crying it will be laughing your lungs out.

3. A best friend is someone that knows you. Not just your name, age, sex and location but all of you. The way you think, mannerism, first love, first date, first boyfriend/girlfriend, favorite video game even your favorite t shirt!

4. A best friend is someone that given all the facts that knows almost everything about you, they also want for you to have something to figure it out with yourself. They gave you privacy and respect.

5. There must never an issue of money. Best friend is someone that you can rely on, yes! that’s true but if the issue is money, no one must be dependent on the other. Think that money is the root of all evil! Many relationships of best friends turns into being strangers and they even sued each other! So make sure that money doesn’t get in the way of a beautiful friendship that you ended to last!

6. Connection. A best friend is someone who can talk with even without actually talking verbally! From the way they look at you and you looking at them you guys know what the other means of! Always build connections to your best friend. And never ever burn bridges!

7. A best friend is your worst enemy too. There will be misunderstanding along the way but always ACT ON BEING HUMBLE. Be humble and understand if your best friend has tantrums and mood swings! Maybe she/he got scolded or maybe they really had a bad day. Understand if they want to be alone and if tomorrow comes, KICK THEIR ASS! 🙂

8. Share! Sharing is common with being best friends! T shirts, make ups, cd’s, pants, even boxers!

9. A best friend is someone or somebody that is ready to aid your honor! Even if two of you versus 10 men, punching the most person who bullies your best friend, or threatening past lovers and exes. A best friend is a fighter and cause of strength!

10. You must be a good adviser especially in the matters of the heart! I didn’t say to enroll to a Psychology major or Palmology. Girls wants to be comforted in the most caring way possible and boys wants beer when you want them to tell you something is wrong. Romance is the major cause of heart breaks that you can see with your best friend (even with you) but nonetheless, able to comfort with each other can lessen the hurt of a broken heart.


11. Someone who loves Music! Singing! Dancing! Especially KARA-OKE! Sometimes singing the same song over and over again throughout the years! Music is a great foundation of friendship! Trust me! If you and your best friend became best of friends because of music, you guys were cool!! Just like me and my bestie! I remember, last night I told her our videoke has been updated with newer songs! She always bugs me for years! to ask my parents to update the song list. There are times that we will spent our allowance in Karaoke bars and just kept singing until we don’t have any more oxygen left in our lungs. So this new karaoke we have in our house, the moment I told her she scheduled herself to go to our house and try it!  We have this tiny place we called our own world and we were happy.

12. Supportive!!!!! Heavens, yes! Admit it! Despite the similarities of your likes and dislikes with your bestie you still have different perceptions and visions in life. Example me and my best friend is very opposite! I like books, she does not. She likes K-Pop and colorful-neon-bright-accessories-dress-and-everything as her personal things and I like GoT, Breaking Bad, LOTR, and all bad ass movies and series. I also like Black, White and Primary Colors only.  See the difference? But despite of this, we’ve been best of friends for twelve (12) years. Since we were 11-effin’-years-old! But why we last? I don’t know, sometimes I want to throttle her and sometimes she wants to maim me but we always ended up happy. Because we support each other.

13. Someone who has the power to praise you and humiliate you at the same time!!! Last night I’ve been with her, I am this kind of person that always worries about something and because of that I ruin everything. She knows everything! Since when I was in first year college! Whenever I had doubts and fears she always advice me and this go on and go on for years. She’d mark me as a “Negative” person, I stumble and frown but then she’ll says that I’m strong because I’m optimistic. I ask her last night, how? How does she do that to me, making me feel miserable and happy at the same time. Telling me my weakness and praising me at the same time? But that is until…

14. Someone who pushes you! (ng VERY HARD!) She really believes in me. She  does given me value. She pushes me to strive more, to believe more of my self. To let worries and fears slips away into a sweet oblivion. She push me to the extent that now I thank God that fate allows us to meet.

15. Someone who calls.. because.. A real friend calls. She graduate first and had a job first too. Despite being busy with work and having our own personal issues with life she never ever forget my birthday! We always set up to meet and bond! Sometimes when I’m desperately in need someone to talk to, I’ll dial her number and she’ll answer it even if she’s at work or sleeping. Sometimes, she’ll call to tell me the good news or to update me in whatever new happen with her life. I’ve been a globe user for seven years because of her!

“With GoUnli20, it’s now easy to call without a need for a prefix and it’s just P20 for unli calls, 15mb of mobile surfing, and 20 texts to all networks! Kaya if you need a friend, don’t call me, I’ll call you!”

16. Food buddy! FOOD IS NEVER THE ENEMY!! Despite having money I can say that I’m poor between the two of us. I’m still a student and she’s earning . She knows how I love food! She always treat me when we see each other. Just like last night’s events… a half dozen box of donuts can cure a broken heart of mine.

17. A best friend is your Selfie buddy! In accepting being his/her best friend there will always comes a time that a self portrait of each other is needed! Since cellphone with camera had been introduced and distribute nationwide. Without knowing what selfie means, we’ve been doing that! In school, sm manila and in our intramuros days! We always want to capture every moments that we spent in the company of each other. Sometimes I’ll nagged her to put our picture online so I can change my friendster account default picture. We may not capture the exact adventure that day atleast when we go home we have a souvenir of our mini adventure!

18. A best friend is that one person who can act and be totally crazy with you. Sometimes getting too intimate making speculations and confusions on other people if both of you were gay. HA-HA! Despite of that you two act without worries to the b*llsy*t business of others.

19. A best friend is someone who appreciate you even the smallest act of love and acts your partner-in-crime especially on missions of STALKING YOUR CRUSH! EHEMMMMM!!!! hahahahahaha! I remember summer of 2008 at school, my bestie had a crush on this guy at her summer class. And we stalk him pretending we’re just passer by’s whenever he’s near. We even check his profile on friendster and my bestie copied his photographs and put them on her mobile phone. Insane! Literally INSANE! HAHA!

20. There’s a saying that:

“”I trust you” is a better compliment than “I love you” because you may not always trust the person you love but you can love the person you trust.”

Trust. Like in any kind of relationship is the most important factors that friendship last.

Attention says: I trust you enough to give you my most precious asset. My time.

In building friendship trust is the foundation. Without it it will collapse. Be trustworthy of your words. Anyone can be your best friend. Your mom, dad, sister, brother, twin, classmate, childhood mate, neighbor, co-worker, lover etc but it is a nice feeling that someone can put everything he/she has for you because she/he can trust you enough to gave up everything. Don’t ever mess it up! There are a billion people living in this world, you can be friends with all of them but no one can fully and truly understand your mind than your best friend. When you found him/her it feels like you’ve found your other halves! Explore life and be happy because there will be times that life can be messy. And when you still not found the best friend you want.. pray hard! harder than before! and maybe you can find it with God!

Have a nice day people! God bless us! 😀

*This blog article entitled 20 WAYS YOU CAN BE THE BEST FRIEND EVER is inspired by Globe’s promo #GlobeGoUnli20 Dahil sa Globe – Abot mo ang mundo! POSIBLE!) Visit them at:  http://www.globe.com.ph/prepaid/gounli20 and Nuffnang Ph http://www.nuffnang.com.ph/


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  1. Go, Jovel! Finally! Someone I know who blogs about films. FINALLYYYYYYYYYYY!

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    • jorain says:

      I want to do it tonight e nalibang kasi may trinashtalk sa fb kanina.. Hahaha! Nag d dl pako ng mga movies :]]] salamats ethan muah :*** as if naman, you now everything! A damn well too because film is your life :]]


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