Movie Review: Honeymoon 2014

Honeymoon 2014 Official Poster

Honeymoon 2014 Official Poster

Great acting… predictable story… bad ending..

2 out of 5 stars

Honeymoon (2014) is a horror film directed by Leigh Janiak which stars Rose Leslie (Ygritte – Game of Thrones) Bea and Harry Treadaway (Victor Frankenstein – Penny Dreadful) Paul as a young newly wed couple.



As the movie is set in a secluded area somewhere in Canada (I believe so because of the images “Welcome to Canada” that were seen in the first part of the movie) it is concluded that Bea and Paul met in the city and they went to Bea’s family cottage/cabin for their honeymoon. Rose Leslie is Scot and Harry Treadaway is English and I would like to congratulate these two major actors for their great delivery of lines, clarity of speech and vocal projection. In the movie, prior to my understanding that the two lead is both came from different culture and language has been able to develop their speech and vocal projection. Beyond my knowing, I would have believe that they really lived in Canada.

I only know some Hollywood stars who do this “accent-developing-skills” and my favorite of them all is English actress Emily Blunt. She can do English, Russian, American and lately I saw her in the movie “Looper” when she did a texas-kind-of-accent and she’s really amazing!

Watch: Emily Blunt Is Weirdly Really Good At Doing Accents by Ashley Perez, BuzzFeed Staff posted May 14, 2014

Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway employs dialects, accents and body language that made me believe that they’re really born in Canada. I like the emotional facility the two leads develop and physical expressiveness towards each other that really is convincing those two are truly newly-weds.

Lighting and Colour:

Lighting is good but there is some instances that I cannot see what is happening.. maybe that’s the colour mood the story wants to portray to the viewers or my eyes is really the problem but I understand that the film is dark since it wants to frighten or scare the shit out of me, after all this is a horror film. Luckily, all throughout the film I didn’t shout or what. Except that time when Harry Treadaway was.. erm.. naked. Don’t blame me, the man was sexy as humans-know-what-sexy-means-of.

Harry Treadaway Honeymoon 2014 Pic


As the story progresses I know something was wrong with Bea and my predictions were ABSOLUTELY right! That’s why I gave it a 3 out of 5 because I was really into Bea and Paul and then what-happens-in-the-woods-stays-in-the-woods drama of Bea comes in and I already predict the story and the ending. I was not excited anymore and there’s no “AHA” moment. I already guess what’s up. I would really love it if it will blown me away but nevertheless I really love the chemistry of Leslie and Treadaway. There’s no “AHA” moment but there’s “Kilig”.

Honeymoon 2014 left Treadaway and right Leslie Screen Grab Picture

Watch the Honeymoon Official Trailer here: Honeymoon Official Trailer


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