Book Review: After Forever Ends

After forever ends

Official Book Cover

5 out of 5 stars

“As we got older, I hoped it would be me who died first. I’m afraid, Oliver. I’m so selfish, really. There you are wasting away and I keep thinking that I’ve never been without my brother. Eighty-five years and I’ve never had my own birthday. I don’t want to start now, either. My God, Ollie, I’ve never even had my own face! I’ll be the only one who looks like me. And then I think what will I do without my brother? Where will I hide? Who will back me up when I bite off more than I can chew? Who is Alexander without Oliver? I don’t know the answers. I’m truly afraid. I feel like half of me is being cleaved off. I love you, Oliver,”

I love you Oliver. I love you Alexander. And I love you Ms. Melodie Ramone (Author of the book After Forever Ends (Kindle Edition))

This is brilliant! It was excellently written. I never cried like a weeping baby since reading John Green’s – The fault in our stars. Unlike back then I cried for 10-15 minutes when Hazel Grace delivered her speech in Gus’ funeral. But this! MEN! I cry for half a day! And I’m still crying while doing this review. I can’t put it into picture but I’m doing a terrible job giving this review because my eyes are swollen and I cannot stop my tears. Anyway, this is beautiful. It made me laugh and cry at the same time. The emotions is overflowed with deep understanding about life and the magic of love!

I just hate cancer! Gus died because of it and I cried. And I cried again because someone died with cancer too in this story.

The twins! Oh my.. Ms. Melodie Ramone gave justice to her characters! The characterization was very well done! She actually differentiate Alexander from Oliver and at the same time she pin points the similarities of being twins. The whole story does not only covers the love story story of Ollie and Sil but also those who surrounds them! Ollie’s parents, Sil’s relationship with her dad and Lucy, Alexander’s struggles, their friends: Lance, Sandra, Merlyn and even John and also their children. It is focused not only the magic of love (romantically) but the magic of brotherhood, sisterhood, fatherhood, motherhood and all the words ends with -hoods!

It was unconditional. Pure love.



I love the happily ever after of Oliver and Silvia and I envy them ’cause believe me, like Sandra once said “A love like theirs is rare” VERY RARE. And they we’re lucky to find each other. And as I end this review I still cry like a wee baby. I love this! And I consider this as my second favorite novel ever written. It teaches a great value of always believing your wits and guts! that life is never fair, that love will gave you happiness and that grief is just the opposite of happiness. That there’s no greater feeling other than Acceptance! That time don’t have the ability to step backward and we must be able to accept that time only moves forward. That all living creatures and everything in this world will be swallowed and will return to dust. That love is magnificent and magic! and life… life is not as we know it.




“Because that’s what this place is about, believing that the impossible can happen. And that’s what life is about, too, having faith that there’s magic even if you can’t see it.”
– Ollie

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