Movie Review: Only lovers left alive 2013

Screen Grab

Astonishing.. superb acting.. great cinematography!

3 out of 5 stars

Only Lovers Left Alive is a vampire film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, which stars Tom Hiddleston as Adam, Tilda Swinton as Eve, and Mia Wasikowska as Eve’s sister, Ava.

Only lovers left alive is a must-watch. Some may find it boring, dull and all but for me, it was funny, witty, full of love for music and totally not boring. I even fell in love with Tom and Tilda’s chemistry. I watched the movie last Tuesday and decided to give it a review. Tom Hiddleston is a music genius here! and I was so into him.

The contents of the film is informative based on Adam’s passion for music and Eve’s passion for books. I somewhat smiled when I learn that the two lead named Adam and Eve, Iit felt like these two are the Adam and Eve (in the Genesis) that has been fallen into grace. Anyway, though it is a vampire film the theme is classy! The mood in the film is not heavily equipped with deeper words or phrases but simplifying by each actor’s style of acting.

Differentiation of the characters is very well done. The Classy Style of Eve, rocker bad-ass Adam, care-free Ava, old but very smart Marlowe, and a loyal friend which is Ian.

Adam and Eve are married. They are living separately for many years. Adam is in Detroit and Eve is in Tangier with Marlowe. Adam is suicidal to the point that he ask Ian to prepare a special wooden bullet for him.

The story is unpredictably sweet and funny. The elegance and the uncanny events that set in the movie is beyond meaning to any horror movies in which vampire films linked into. Yes, this is a vampire film and no, it’s not scary at all, because love, no matter how old, no distance can surpass a one great love and so this couple… Fvck Yeah.


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