RSO News: Himig-AdU organize their 8th General Assembly

August 16, 2014 – Himig – Musicians of Adamson University (AdU) organize “Sound check III: New Member’s Gathering and Eight General Assembly” at St. Francis Regis Clet (FRC) building.


The program starts at 1:00 pm and lasted until 5:00 pm with an opening remarks from Mr. Kenneth Dela Rosa, President of Himig-AdU while the closing remarks came from Mr. Alden Villaruz, Vice-President and Mr. Adrienne Felix Gantioqui, Environmental Director.


In line with music, according to Mr. Dela Rosa, Sound check III was held to showcase their talents and express their ideas in different music genres as a medium of communication. Also, he added that this is a get-together party between alumni’s, old and new members of the organization.


Performances from old, new and alumni bands were also conducted. They are mainly, (from the old members) Angrybot, Bediones Brothers, and Himig Official Acoustic Band, (from the new members) Bandalism, Dolly featuring Rubberband, and HR Acoutics band. A group of alumni’s were also been able to perform and the name of their band is Kaefkesk.


Sound check is originated from former Himig-AdU President Julius Ray “July” Gumba. The event was hosted by Mr. Matthew John Bacani and Mr. James Raz.






Bediones Brothers

Himig Official Acoustic Band


Dolly featuring Rubberband

HR Acoutics band



All images (c) Himig Official. For more updates kindly visit their page here and like them on their fb’s account here. Also follow them on their twitter Himig Official Twitter


Himig Offcials 2014

from left to right. Alden Villaruz, Matthew Bacani, Lissa Catanghal, Stephen Tolete, Hanna Vineles, Dolly, Kenneth Dela Rosa, Kai Relota, Carla Arca, Adz Gantioqui, RC

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  1. tattit says:

    Ang cool talaga ate ng Himig AdU 😀


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