Movie Review: Metro Manila 2013

Metro Manila Official Poster

Metro Manila Film Official Poster

4 out of 5 stars


Metro Manila is a British-Filipino independently produced crime-drama film and directed by Mr. Sean Ellis which stars Jake Macapagal as Oscar Ramirez, Althea Vega as Mai Ramirez and John Arcilla as Ong. Source: Wikipedia

I’m thankful for my mentor back in my Media Writing Class, because of him I’ve learned many things. From creating concepts, improvement of stories, characterization and everything about script writing. This is one of the most astonishing films. The image of the Metro were truly realistic that makes me love this film.

Story sequence: It tackles the most surreal elements to make it more realistic that the audience. Truly the world is not fair. The story is non-linear and I cannot skip every part of it. The dilemma of Oscar and his family affected me in a way that makes me human enough to feel these kinds of emotion.

Character Improvement: Each character has a struggle their own struggle. The development and progression of the story is also superbly written. Oscar is a reflection of a good man who wants nothing but the best for his family. I did like what he said about people: “desperate people leads to desperate situations”. His character development can be seen from the start. He’s a quick learner and he easily adapts the city life despite living in the province for such a long time.

Mai on the other hand is a good wife too. She understands the situation her family is into. Her struggle as a woman (for my opinion) is a reflection on how society views women with no education in general. If one will look closely and analyze, in every films degrading women in general is really not surprising at all. One, Mai could be a helper or a maid but much to my obvious conclusion, she ended up neither. I understand that she’s living in the city. And what could be the easiest job for a woman who needs work in the city? Well, I just hope that someday a character like Mai will have a different role. A different version of a woman. Unlike Oscar, Mai became just a supporting character in this film. In which in fact, she’s one of the most influential in the story.

Camera Angle: It was directed brilliantly. The film shows every emotions via the angles of the camera. The technique for this directorial is incredible. And I no longer have any say on this one.

On my first review I gave this a 5. But a mind can change. I still love the film though but there’s always a “but”.

2 Responses to “Movie Review: Metro Manila 2013”
  1. titowil says:

    Where do I get a copy!? You made me want to watch it. 🙂


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