Adamson Media Summit 2014 (Day 1)

Adamson Media Summit 2014 is a first for the university, it is held at the University Theatre by the Communication Department on September 25 – 26, 2014. This year’s theme is “Converging the Divergence: Situating the Role of Communication in Nation Building”. The aim of the Media Summit is they invited media practitioners from different fields of media for a two-day talk; in line with this it is a moment for them to share their expertise in their respective fields.   On the first day of the summit, the first key-note speaker is an ABS-CBN News & Current Affairs Reporter, Mr. Atom Araullo. He said that Komunikasyong ang ugat ng lahat ng gusto nating mabago sa mundo (Communication is the root of change that we want in the world). He tackles about Special Media and the fast pace of Internet in today’s lives.

“Special Media is developing in such a fast pace that we need to create rules.”


Mr. Atom Araullo during his speech at the AdU Media Summit 2014 (c) CreaComms, Adamson Media Summit 2014

He also said that many people leave the country to go abroad in hopes of more opportunities and greener pastures. He shared that journalism is his choice and he choose to stay serving the country.


Mr. Araullo during his Q & A image (c) CreaComms

After his talk there was a Q & A with him and one of the questions that asked was why he chose Journalism since he is a graduate of Bachelor of Science (BS) in Applied Physics from the University of the Philippines (UP) – Diliman. He answered “Journalism is a vocation. It’s a calling. And you have to make a lot of sacrifices,” “What made me stay in the media? I think it’s me being stubborn. And it works to my advantage.” he added. The second speaker is a documentarist, Ms. Lauren Faustino. During her talk she reviews the students about Journalism. She said that she tried different fields of media but she ended up doing what she never thought that she will actually do in real life, and that is documentary. She enjoys interviewing people and she shared that Good news is no news. That people wants to know or watch what interest them the most.     The third speaker is one of my favorites that day. I saw him sitting at the back audience when one of the facilitator approached him. He is professional and at the same time humble. Humble in a way that in all of his achievements he didn’t ask for any VIP treatment and just seated with us. Also he wowed me during his speech and clapping my hands won’t work, I bowed down for him. He is a director, screenwriter and author, Mr. Clodualdo Del Mundo Jr. As a film maker he said that “Hindi ganoon kadali makita ang problemang nakaharap sa atin; my task is to make you see.” (It is not easy to see the problems in front of us; my task is to make you see). While on speech he let us view his documentary “Tinitignan hindi nakikita” (Looking but not seeing) it is about poverty in the country. He said that there are studies about poverty but why is that it was never solved at all?

“Ano kaya ang kanilang nalaman para sa aming paghihirap? Parang invisible kami”

(What did they discover for our poor’s sake? It’s like we’re invisible)

– Mr. Del Mundo Jr.


Mr. Del Mundo Jr. during his Q & A image (c) CreaComms

He also said why Filipinos loved entertainment, “Sobra ang aliwan sa bayan. Kung walang aliwan baka mabaliw ang mga pinoy. Bawat kalye may videoke,” (There’s too much entertainment. Without it, maybe Filipinos will go insane. Every street owns a videoke). “Paminsan-minsan kailangan natin umatras; retreat” (For once we need to retreat). During the last few moments of his speech, he said the importance of the Media Summit,

“Mahalaga itong summit na ito para umatras muna tayo sa media. Upang pag-isipan at maging handa para may armas tayo upang makita natin ang mga dapat gawin sa lipunan.” (This summit is important for us to step back from the media, for us to think and to be ready on what we need to do for our society).

I remember myself being stunned. I really want to approach him and get a copy of his speech but I let everything he said sinks in. I want to share the world and to all Filipinos what he said that day. It was magnificent and people, please have pity on me because all I have to say is that Mr. Del Mundo Jr fascinates the hell out of me.     My second favorite and the fourth speaker is director, Mr. Rodolfo “Jun” Lana Jr.  Confidence can lead to arrogance but this guy’s confidence I could not find any fault at all. His confidence is no arrogance, he is confident in a way that tells me this one is a fighter of life. During his speech he shared to us the value of hard work.  That there’s no magic trick and you’ll have to work your butt off and that when you’re born poor you became a fighter. I stop writing to focus on what he’s saying. Mind you people, if you’re there in the theatre and Mr. Jun Lana walks in, he takes the microphone and starting saying his speech you’ll stop whatever it is that you’re doing. This man is born intelligent. He is an example of a man who dreams had come true because of hard work and perseverance. Yes, he shared his achievements but he is never been ashamed sharing his downfalls. While on speech, my mind is talking to myself. This man has a lot of guts! Even in my sleepiest form he awakens the me inside. He shared that if you want to become a writer don’t get lazy doing it. Just write and write and write.

“I knew I will regret it for the rest of my life”

– Jun Lana

As a person, sharing the good things is easy but along with it, we are afraid of telling people about our failures. But this man is no definition of fear at all.


Mr. Jun Lana during his speech image (c) CreaComms

“It’s your responsibility to protect your dream,” he added.   He also shared the trailers of his movie “Bwakaw” 2012 and Barber’s tales 2014 where he originally writes both stories.

For trailers kindly click here: Bwakaw 2012 and Barber’s Tales

  Fifth speaker is an entertainment editor, Mr. Nestor Cuartero. As a media practitioner in the field of print he said that social media or the new media is increasing and that traditional media which is the television, print and radio is losing its audiences. But despite of this Mr. Cuartero says that Social Media won’t surpass the credibility of print [media].

“Find your passion”

– N. Cuartero

The last speaker during that day is the co-host of Wasak, Mr. Rodolfo “Jun” Sabayton Jr. In his speech Mr. Sabayton tells us why he’s sad returning to AdU Theatre. Not because he’s not happy to be invited as one of the speakers of the summit but because he was on that stage when something happens that he can no longer forget. He’s one of the companions of Mr. Lourd de Veyra when Mr. De Veyra became the 4th recipient of the Adamson University Media Awards. He was on-stage with Mr. De Veyra and Mr. RA Rivera when they learned the passing of their good-old-dear friend, Mr. Tado Jimenez. Image (c) Aumacomms. News: Comedian Tado among 14 dead in bus crash in Mt. Province Returning despite of this he said that change must start within us and about with all things, it hides in the form of comedies. He also explained the 4T’s in journalism, to entertain, to inform, to educate and to communicate.


Mr. Sabayton (c) CreaComms, Adamson University Media Summit

His speech was short but regardless of that it is meaningful. He let us watched one of the episodes of Word of the Lourd (WOTL) in line with people using social media. During the last moments of his talk he said that “yung freedom natin, masyado nating inaabuso,” (We abuse our freedom).

“Yung utak na sa ulo wala sa daliri”

(Our brain is in our head not in our fingers)

– Jun Sabayton

For more images kindly visit the official facebook page of Creative Communication (CreaComms) Adamson University Media Summit 2014 or kindly click here.


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