Book Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

April 17, 2014 [ Posted originally at Goodreads by same author]

2 out of 5 stars.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a 2011 novel of Ransom Riggs.

It’s sad.

I finish reading this for about six hours straight and it caught me off-guard. Why!?! Maybe because I’m so dumb to notice that this book was odd. What I mean by odd is that, I never expect it to be so (I’ll be fucking insane if I say it’s like a fairy tale or something) what I meant is that, it just it surprise me. Well, living for a namesake, it is trulyย peculiar. So here’s the thing… I don’t mean to give any spoiler or further details about the book but it’s okay if you won’t read what about I will type next.

1. The prologue is catchy. It gave me an idea that the grandfather is hiding something. Example, remember the movie “Life is beautiful” the character named Guido is jewish and a father to a child named Joshua; they’ve been taken to a concentration camp. Because Joshua is still a child he doesn’t know why they we’re taken so Guido made a story that they are into a game wherein he uses this game scheme so that Joshua won’t be scared. And lastly, the movie “Big Fish” wherein Edward Bloom is dying while his son is telling him in tears of how he supposed to die (in a more fantastic way) So back with the story, the grandfather, Abe told Jacob funny stories about his childhood and his adventures without the scary parts. He told this because he knows that Jacob, like him, is peculiar and he must not be scared. And it make me go “aaaaawwww that’s so sweet” and that made me kept reading.

2. As I went on; I thought about the people during the war. And I said to myself that like Jacob, we were lucky to be alive in this modern day. We are lucky that we eat 3 times a day without thinking who could be banging our door. We were lucky that except for helicopters and airplanes we won’t hide and looking for shelter. WE. ARE. SO. DAMN. LUCKY.

3. And here comes the crazy part, at least, it made me go insane reading this book. Abe, Emma and Jacob. *sigh* I knew it. I assume it. And I was right. *sigh* but then again, indeed, looks can be deceiving; I was deceive. And to think it has pictures I’m a total fool. I felt the creepiness, a chill, or for a moment, fear. Why? That is why you have to read the book. (A hint, a family is always a family even though sometimes you wish you were born in a different life still you will always complains about your family, if one of you go away, surely you will miss each other)

I gave a rating of two and not a perfect five because it really is peculiar. After reading it, I’m torn to read the sequel, “Hollow City”.
I don’t know, I feel sad. SO. FUCKING. SAD. AND. AFTER. READING. THIS. I. FEEL. DAMN. FUCKING. SAD. It was good! But like I said earlier I’m not prepared. It’s like it robbed me out of sanity and stab my soul! So I guess, this is a little warning. And that love thing in the story. HHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (SIGH) I MEAN COME ON! IT’S OBVIOUS AND IT’S SO FUCKING BAD!

SPOILER!!! [Abe is Jacob’s grandfather, the ex boyfriend of Emma Bloom (who is 80 something years old btw but because of the portal and time-lapping still stuck to a 16 or 17 year old body) and who happens to be the love interest of the main character Jacob]


wooooohhh hooollldddddd!!!


Well I may not care at all about the Jacob’s lovelife and I would give it a five, if at least, or maybe, it lifts my spirit for 1 to 2 words of encouragement. But until the end, it’s sad. This book touched my soul but it didn’t lift me. It made me stuck. I’ย am stuck. I don’t regret reading this but I’m lost. And I think I should read something funnier to bring me back on track.

I remember crying because of “The fault in our stars” by Mr. John Green even though it made me cry a lot I feel a bit of happiness that at least it gave something, like some kind of relief, a feel of sympathy, awareness, awe, hope, faith, courage and love. This book almost made me cry but I didn’t feel okay afterwards. *SIGH*


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