Ariel and Jen

Isang bilyong tao o higit pa sa pitong kontinente ang nabubuhay at namamatay sa nag-iisang mundo. Minsan o kadalasan sa karami-raming mga tao na nakakasalubong mo, sa bawat mukhang nakikita mo sa daan, sa tricycle, sa jeepney, bus o lrt. At sa bawat estrangherong nakakabangga o nakakagitgitan mo. Hindi natin alam kung anong kalokohan na … Continue reading

A love letter to my eighteen year old baby sister

  I have prayed for you.   When Mary Grace’s (my childhood friend) sister was born I was envious.   I want a playmate. My elder sisters are seven years apart from me at that time and they didn’t want to include me in their circle and so I felt left-out. I wanted to have somebody … Continue reading

the dreamer inside of me

I’m doing reviews for the books I’ve read tonight. DAMN I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF JUDITH MCNAUGHT! HELL AND DAMNATION. MAGNIFICENT! I think I’ll die from day dreaming.. from thinking that there’ll be something in store for me because I’m reading stuffs like these.. And because a song keeps replaying on my playlist in more … Continue reading


Isang bote lang para sa isang libong kwento ng isang kaibigan. Ang paglaglag ng maskara at pagtanggap sa katotohan. Isang sikreto na hangga’t maaari ay ibabaon namin sa aming isipan, gaano man katagal ang pang habang buhay. — Malapit na magdilim. Mamaya. Mamaya ay tatawagin ka na naman ng mahalimuyak niyang pagtangis. Tinatawag.. Pauli-ulit.. Papunta … Continue reading

The GMA Network 7 Exposure Tour

INTRODUCTION GMA Network 7 is one of the prominent and leading broadcasting networks in the Philippines. It is widely known for its accurate and vastly influential power regarding on mass media may it be for entertainment and in current events.  Aside from one of the leading broadcasting company, the network also conducted tours and visitation … Continue reading

Say no to BULLYING!

Here’s the catch of last night’s kapuso mo Jessica Soho episode of BULLYING. I, myself was bullied before at around third year of my high school year it lasted for almost 6months. But the thing is, she didn’t verbally abuse me instead she attack me emotionally. I really don’t know how the hell did it … Continue reading

A girl’s precious asset

I know that hair is a girl’s precious possession and everyone seems shock of my recently decision, but I tell you friends. Just like the hair grows I also want to grow as a person. I need this and I know I have to do this. It may seems like the cut doesn’t fits mine … Continue reading

visita iglesia 2012

7 in the morning, the sun is waking me up and the air is humid. I saw sunlight through my window, this is the usual 7 am. Another day to celebrate God’s blessing. A new breather, a new day to unwind and a new moment to mark the history of our faith and penitence. This day … Continue reading

I’ am a blogger and I miss dancing

I know what’s the connection between blooging to my hobby as Dancing?  There’s no relation between the two of them and obviously their spelling is really different but for me the thing is,  I LOVE THEM BOTH. I f I choose between those two, relatively speaking I would choose both but I cannot think about … Continue reading

When at home love is…. (・ェ-)

\(^▽^*)いらっしゃ~いっ(*^▽^)/ love at home. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Born under the sign of Cancer Certified Otaku Love wearing Big Shirts, Shorts and Headbands when at home. REALLY love laying on her bed. … Continue reading