Sa huling pagkakataon

Paalam. Panandaliang ligaya. Pansamantalang pagibig. Hiram na sandali. Alam mong mali. Alam kong mali. Hanggang sa huli. Alam nating mali. Subalit. Sa bawat sambit. Pangalan mo’y bitbit. Tiyak at walang kapalit. Damdaming aking nais ipilit. Minamahal kita. Mula sa aking dilang makata. Pabor mula sa iyo aking sinta. Sampalin mo ko ng bawat salita. Paki-lakasan … Continue reading

A love letter to my eighteen year old baby sister

  I have prayed for you.   When Mary Grace’s (my childhood friend) sister was born I was envious.   I want a playmate. My elder sisters are seven years apart from me at that time and they didn’t want to include me in their circle and so I felt left-out. I wanted to have somebody … Continue reading

the dreamer inside of me

I’m doing reviews for the books I’ve read tonight. DAMN I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF JUDITH MCNAUGHT! HELL AND DAMNATION. MAGNIFICENT! I think I’ll die from day dreaming.. from thinking that there’ll be something in store for me because I’m reading stuffs like these.. And because a song keeps replaying on my playlist in more … Continue reading


Cycle (Third Story) A Letter of Clarity to Dynel An excerpt of Jo Vel’s novel – (Unnamed) ———————————————————————————————-      “In a glimpse you become my friend, In seconds I stole your sight, In minutes you stole my breath, in an hour we touch hands and slowly as clock ticks, music rhymes out of sync. We created … Continue reading


THIS IS NOT A VERY GOOD NEWS! for all bloggers and writers who love WORDPRESS.COM OPPOSE SOPA AND PIPA! for the past decades we are encourage to upgrade our technologies we are so eager to learn more! to discover more! Internet maybe harmful but it is a person’s own responsibility who uses it! That is … Continue reading

the first of December

“I remember clearly that first of December, the moment we truthfully confessed to each other, the sweet melancholy of my past with the one I ever loved the most.”   I’m really fortunate to have you by my side it’s like those times when it’s raining or snowing and I hug my pillow and find out … Continue reading

he says; she says

“First I saw you, you look back at me, and then we both smile” 🙂 “You’re walking too fast that I can’t reach you. When you step back how I wish to turn your side on me, to meet your gaze and recognizing my existence is what I ought you to view me as a … Continue reading

the traveler

I had a vision last week that I as a young girl never thought that someday I can be an extraordinary superficial unpredictable woman of the future. My story starts as a fantasy. I’ve been to places; I’ve seen a few landmarks of the greatest cities and I gain wisdom from the philosophers I’d talk … Continue reading

smile honey! :)

so much can be said so much feelings conveyed with three little words -haiku 🙂 In reality, how much happier it is to be forgotten by many but remembered by that one person that can change every little part of you in a single blink of an eye and it is late to realized that … Continue reading

when fate decides

Happiness:). A great writer from his great novel told me that “When your happy, don’t ask why. Just feel it” and then I’m inspired. Would you believe in such fairy tales and happy ever after? or in fortune tellers telling you that you must do this and that in order to find your destined soul mates? What is … Continue reading