A love letter to my eighteen year old baby sister

  I have prayed for you.   When Mary Grace’s (my childhood friend) sister was born I was envious.   I want a playmate. My elder sisters are seven years apart from me at that time and they didn’t want to include me in their circle and so I felt left-out. I wanted to have somebody … Continue reading

the traveler

I had a vision last week that I as a young girl never thought that someday I can be an extraordinary superficial unpredictable woman of the future. My story starts as a fantasy. I’ve been to places; I’ve seen a few landmarks of the greatest cities and I gain wisdom from the philosophers I’d talk … Continue reading

What romance says

..Ideas they are coming all in my head, conquering my little brain.. Love is seen in many different forms, as childhood says it is “puppy love” one that is most unforgettable in all stages of love because it includes all of your firsts. Your first kiss, first touch and undoubtedly your first Love. Some people … Continue reading